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            美国ColdMark进口一次性温度指示计温度标贴被广泛使用在货物的仓储、运输过程中,能反映出被测物体的温度是否过低,当温度等于或者低于反应温度时,温度标贴的前端颜色就会变紫。使用方便简易,您只需要将温度标贴贴到需要测量的物体上或者产品的外包装箱上,启动标贴即可。 COLDMARK=产品特点= 1、°F/°C 双模式 2、能根据颜色是否变紫判断温度是否过低 3、一次性使用 精度 ±1°C 包装 10片/包 外型尺寸 8.5 cm x 1.9 cm =选型指南= 型号 温度 51001 0°C 51002 -3°C ThermoLabels Model 51001 Model 51002 32°F / 0°C 26°F / -3°C Before exposure, bulb is colorless. After exposure, bulb turns violet. Here’s How COLDMARK Works The COLDMARK Indicator tube and bulb contain a specially formulated colorless fluid, a violetcolored fluid, and a green colored fluid separating the two. When the indicator is exposed to a temperature at or below the response temperature within 60 minutes, the colorless bulb solidifies and contracts. This draws the colored liquids into the bulb and changes from clear and colorless to cloudy with streaks of violet. When the indicator is warmed to above the response temperature again, the bulb changes irreversibly to a uniform violet. Application is simple COLDMARK’s construction makes it fast and simple to add the benefits of temperature monitoring to your product. Simply peel the release liner off the back of the indicator and adhere the pressure-sensitive adhesive backing to a dry surface. You can place the indicator on the exterior or interior of a shipping container. (COLDMARK indicators should not be placed where they are exposed to crushing pressure.) Storage Color change is irreversible and tamper-proof. COLDMARK Indicators must be stored above their response temperature and should not be exposed to temperatures exceeding 110°F/ 43°C.

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